New Kids music… for free!!!

…it was fun to learn a new way of creating. Since adopting many of the principles of unschooling to our lives, it’s made our outlook much more holistic. This CD was recorded in our living room, (most of the time) on lunch breaks in my office, and often with a baby in my arms. It was seriously the most fun that I’ve ever, EVER had creating art.

Down Time and the Paranoia

I was a bit convicted by a post I saw on yesterday. One part hit a bit close to home. “… I used to be very unforgiving of my children when they… Continue reading


Originally posted on And now, it is your block of wood…:
Hey friends, if you’d like to grab a copy of “Bigger than my box,” right now you can get it for free…

Letting Go – Killing the Training Wheels

My 8-year-old has been wanting to get off of the training wheels for a while. She gets nervous. Have you experienced this? She wants to be more independent than any of the other… Continue reading

Repost – Rachel Evans “How to follow Jesus…without being Shane Claiborne”

How to follow Jesus…without being Shane Claiborne   I just discovered Rachel Evans. And though she’s not an unschooler (or is she) she definitely hit on a topic that I wrestle with. I… Continue reading

A Side project

So, while I’m getting things back up and moving here, I want to keep people encouraged and keep making connections. But I’m also working on a site that I call “What if?” Parenting… Continue reading

Of Free Will and Fire

My friend and housemate, Benjamyn posted a great and honest post… The whole post was about control, and that fact that other people have a will and can (and should) be allowed to… Continue reading

In the mean-time

Hello all, yes… I’ve been very lapse in my blogging here. To tell you the truth, we’re all getting ready for an annual festival that we have at Rose Creek Village, where we… Continue reading

The Big Miracle

It’s always great to find a good story with a great load of learning. The Big Miracle is one of them. With movies that I let my kids watch, I really enjoy it… Continue reading

Weekly Forum Question – How Do You Keep It Clean?

We’re starting a new tradition here. On Saturdays I’m going to post a question that I hear people state here and there. We like to give the beautiful and inspiring sides of unschooling… Continue reading